Mistakes to avoid with kotatsu chairs

Mistakes to avoid with kotatsu chairs

When you use a kotatsu sitting on the floor for a long time, your back may gradually start to hurt or you may want to lean against the backrest.

It would be wonderful if you could use a chair in combination with your kotatsu.

But it's hard to find a chair that goes with a kotatsu!

If you have a soft and comfortable chair or sofa, it will be too thick and your legs will hit the heater... (It hurts, doesn't it?)

On the other hand, if you are using a low kotatsu chair, you may find it hard to find one that fits.

In contrast, if you limit yourself to a very low kotatsu chairs, you will be limited in design and performance.

In this article, we will introduce the key points on how to combine a kotatsu and a chair.

#1 The gap between the seat and the kotatsu must be 25 cm or more


When using a seat to get into a kotatsu, you want to be able to stretch out your legs comfortably.

Use a high kotatsu or a low sofa to create a wide gap between the seat and the tabletop.

Try to leave a gap of at least 25 cm between the chair and the kotatsu.

If you are a slender woman or a child, a gap of 20 cm or more will be fine.

The above figures are only a guide, and the appropriate gap will vary depending on your physique.

If you have a height-adjustable chair at home, it is recommended to measure the distance between the chair and the desk where you can comfortably extend your knees.

#2 Wide leg space with a flat heater

The biggest difference between a desk and a kotatsu of the same height is the presence or absence of a heater.

Even if the height of a desk is fine, a kotatsu has the possibility of the heater hitting your feet.

If the heater is against your feet, you will feel cramped and unable to relax, and there is also the danger of the heater coming in contact with your clothes, which could lead to a fire.

If you want to have more leg room even when using a seat, use a kotatsu with a flat carbon heater or other ultra-thin heater.

#3 Not taking advantage of sofa

Combining a sofa with a kotatsu looks very comfortable.

It is not hard to sit for a long time, and you can warm up while sitting on the sofa.

It is truly a moment of bliss.

However, the height of both the sofa and the kotatsu will vary depending on the item, so if you are going to use them together, be careful to make sure that your feet do not touch the heater of the kotatsu.

Measure the size of both the kotatsu and the sofa to see if there is enough room for your feet.

When sitting on a sofa, there is often a small gap between the sofa and the table because, unlike a regular chair, you throw your legs out in front of you to relax.

If you are going to combine a kotatsu and a sofa, make sure to choose a large kotatsu futon so that you can stretch out your legs.


In this article, we have introduced the key points for using a kotatsu and a chair, and how to combine a kotatsu and a chair.

A kotatsu with a flat carbon heater or other thin heater will prevent your feet from hitting the heater.

Make sure to leave a gap of at least 25 cm between the chair and the kotatsu.

If you feel that the kotatsu is too low, you can increase the length of the legs by a few centimeters by connecting the legs.

When using a kotatsu in combination with a chair, be careful not to let the kotatsu futon come into contact with the heater, as this can be dangerous.

The synergistic effect of warm feet and cushioning will surely make you feel warm and cozy when you combine a kotatsu and a chair!

Please refer to the combination of kotatsu and chairs introduced in this article and enjoy a comfortable kotatsu life.