Interior Decor Tips for Kotatsu 🌸

The cold weather is getting colder and colder, and it's time to miss the kotatsu.

The charm of a kotatsu is that you can wrap up in the kotatsu futon on a warm rug and relax.

The kotatsu is an item that gives you a sense of comfort during your relaxation time at home, whether you want to stretch out your legs or just lie down and take a nap.

A fluffy rug and a fluffy kotatsu futon. Just by being there, you can create a relaxing space, and the kotatsu is a standard item for staying warm in the cold winter.

However, there may be many people who find it difficult to get their hands on one because it tends to show a sense of living or it doesn't match the atmosphere of their living room.

When installing a kotatsu, it is important to keep in mind the following four points: size, design, layout, and color scheme.

If you follow these rules, you can create a wonderful low interior that only a kotatsu can create!

Relaxing in a kotatsu with movies

Now that people are spending more and more time at home, there are probably many people who spend their holidays watching TV or movies.

If you set up your kotatsu in a position where you can see the TV clearly, you can enjoy watching TV in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.


Kotatsu surrounded by a sofa or bed

The kotatsu is a perfect companion to sofas, beds, and other "relaxing furniture"!

Placing a kotatsu around the back or side of a sofa or bed will give you a sense of security.

It's also nice to be able to relax in the kotatsu or sit on the sofa, depending on your mood.


Ensure ease of movement! 

In a family with a large number of members, it is important to keep the flow lines clear.

During the cold season, once you are in the kotatsu, you may not want to move easily.

To avoid disturbing each other, pull the kotatsu up against a wall and create a pathway so that everyone can spend time comfortably.


Which shape do you prefer? Tips for choosing a kotatsu

A kotatsu is an item that greatly affects the impression of your interior.

Therefore, when purchasing a kotatsu, be sure to check the size and design of the top panel and choose a color that matches your interior.

The Appeal of Round Kotatsu

The main feature of a round kotatsu is that it can be easily entered from any direction. This is convenient because it reduces the difficulty of sitting due to the shape of the living room and the arrangement of furniture.

Also, if you have a lot of square furniture in your house, placing a round kotatsu will have the advantage of creating an accent in the room. This is also recommended for those who want to create a room with a soft impression.


Oval shape for a stylish relaxation space

However, if a family with many people chooses a circular kotatsu, there are some disadvantages such as "the top board feels too small" or "if you choose a kotatsu with a wide top board, the diameter becomes too large to use.

If you prefer a rounder design, why not choose an oval one?

An oval kotatsu is less oppressive than a rectangular one.
The calm color combination of dark brown and moss green is perfect for both Western and Japanese interiors.


The appeal of rectangular design

The rectangular kotatsu is a common shape that comes in a variety of sizes. It is the perfect shape for families that spend a lot of time together.

Especially for households where four or more people gather together, it is great to be able to relax together.

It also works well with two- and three-seat sofas, and comes in a wide variety of designs and colors, so it's easy to find the right layout when buying a new one.


The Appeal of Square Design

On the other hand, rectangular kotatsu, which are mostly designed for families, can look oppressive when placed in a room. A square kotatsu may be a better fit for a one-room apartment or a living room for two people.


Designs that can be used out of season

When purchasing a kotatsu, it is easy to get caught up in the size of the top panel and the specifications of the heater, but it is also important to check the design when the kotatsu futon is removed and turns into a table.

You should only use a kotatsu during the cold season. In other seasons, many families use it as a dining table.

Selecting a kotatsu that matches your home's interior design, such as the thickness of the top and the shape of the legs, will allow you to live comfortably all year round.

Which room do you prefer? Let's take a look at stylish kotatsu living rooms.

Use similar colors to create a sense of unity

Match the color of your kotatsu to the color of your flooring and walls, and the texture of your furniture to create a sense of unity in your interior.

For example, if the flooring and walls are white or a bright natural color, a beige or off-white rug or kotatsu futon in the same color will make the room look more spacious and less oppressive.

In this living room, the dark-colored sofa and objects tighten up the space while keeping the whole room in a light tone.


Incorporate accent colors.

If you only have furniture in the same color as the flooring and walls, the room may look spacious, but it tends to look somewhat flat.

The kotatsu futon, in particular, has a large area, so it greatly affects the impression of the room.

You can create a sense of solidity and three-dimensionality in a room by adding items with a color scheme that tightens up the space.


Dark Color Schemes

The kotatsu made of walnut wood is characterized by its deep color. The dark brown color gives a calm impression to the entire room.

Combine a dark gray rug with a khaki kotatsu futon to create a slightly dry, masculine living room!


A glimpse of individuality with native patterns

Introduce a native-patterned kotatsu futon into a space where the overall tone of the room is consistent!

The orange color of the native pattern gives it a more ethnic feel and impact.


Use soft colors for a natural look

Choosing a natural-colored tabletop will give a softer impression to the room.

A shaggy rug in a soft color seems to convey warmth to the eye.


A thin kotatsu futon for a clean look

Match a navy kotatsu futon with a room decorated in bright tones to create a clean and stylish room!

The denim-like quilted material is not overpowering, so it will match any room.

The denim-like quilted material doesn't make too much of a statement, so it will match any room. The thin kotatsu futon also looks sleek. The edge of the futon is covered with boa, which gives it a warm and cozy feel.


Warm up your body and soul with a stylish kotatsu!

The kotatsu is a key element of your living room interior in winter because of its size and presence.

Choose the kotatsu of your choice according to the number of people in your family, the size of your living room, and the interior you want to create.

If you pay attention to the material and design of the fabric, your relaxation time at home may become a little more special.